-In working with children, I often use a mix of directed and non-directed play therapy.  Play therapy is such a valuable tool in working with kids because it provides a space in which kids can use their primary language, play, to work through the things that are happening in their lives and within themselves.  My play room is full of toys and therapeutic tools for this purpose.  The main center piece is the sand tray, which I use with little ones and adults.  

-In my work with adults, I use an eclectic approach.  By using cognitive, behavioral, relational, and spiritual techniques as well as EMDR, I try to create a safe and caring place in which my clients can carve their own path for healing.  I am allowed to witness their bravery and courage, moments of freedom, and the embracing of their true worth.  I have a great job!

-In working with families, similar methods as mentioned above are utilized.  My work here often focuses on healing from things past, improving communication, strengthening relationships and boundaries, and identity development.  I also utilize child parent relational training, an intervention designed to address the relationship between parent and child.

-As part of my practice, I also provide psychological and psychoeducational testing.  This includes testing for mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety, personality assessments, cognitive testing, and academic testing (e.g. learning disabilities).  Most recently, I have received training on the Enneagram and determining individual Enneagram types.  I have found this psycho-spiritual tool to often provide the missing piece of what makes us us.    

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